Apartment im Kölner Zentrum
50670 Köln

Catégorie : Appartement
Nombre de voyageurs : (maximum)
Période de réservation : 2 nuits (minimum)
Délai de réponse : 24 heures
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Indice d'activité: 4 %
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Are you planing to visit Cologne?
Then there is no better place to stay. Friesenstraße is in the middle of Cologne's centre and with all the pubs, clubs and restaurants there's no way you'll be bored.
To Cologne Cathedral, Central Station, most of the museums and all the shopping streets, you just have to go 5 minutes max there is actually no need to use the tube at all.
My flat is 333 sq. ft. big and has a bed that can be used by two persons, especially when you like it cuddly :-)
I offer towels and everything you may need for a relaxing stay and you can also feel free to use the kitchen and everything it contains like the coffee maker, stove, microwave, fridge and oven.
Starbucks and a bakery is just around the corner.

You have more questions?
Fell free to aks me, just send a message and I'll answer asap.

Before making the Reservation Please read my house rules .Thank you

Équipements et services

Inclus lors de la réservation
  • Serviettes
  • Literie
  • Internet
  • Ménage de fin de séjour
  • Cuisine (Privé)
  • Douche/Baignoire (Privé)
  • Arrivée tardive
  • Nombre de chambres: 1
  • Micro-ondes
  • Four
  • Machine à café
  • Cuisinière
  • Vaisselle
  • Réfrigérateur
  • Lavabo
  • Télévision
  • Fauteuil roulant
  • Clefs personnelles
  • Toilettes privées

Curiosités et transports aux alentours

Kölner Dom
Alle Einkaufsstraßen
- Neumarkt
- Schildergasse
- Hohe Straße
- Ehrenstraße
- Rudolfplatz

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 (4,2 Globes)

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Apartment im Kölner Zentrum, 18/08/11  (4,2)

"Very nice apartment right in the centre of the city, with Internet, full cooking facilities and a nice starter set of bread and eating bits. Luckily I don't go to sleep that early, otherwise the noise from the nightclubs and discos in Friesenstrasse would have been a problem, otherwise overall very good. Thanks Marcel :)"


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Commentaires ?

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