Rob / 21 / m / cool guy / 2 Couch's
12053 Berlin

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Période de réservation : 1 nuit (minimum)
Délai de réponse : 24 heures
Indice d'activité: 8 %
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My Name is Robert and I'm living in Berlin for about an year. A friend of mine told me about couchsurfing and a few people already slept here. I really like how awesome it is to have cool people living with you, always new characters.
Theres no rent you have to pay, only some beer and the things you need yourself =D
But maybe you are grateful enough to give little presents ;)

My "palace" is about 60qm, 2 seperate rooms, 2 Couchs, TV with PS3, bathtub, W-Lan, many cool partys and ME =P

So tell me if u need a couch in the middle of Berlin!

Équipements et services

Inclus lors de la réservation
  • Internet
  • Douche/Baignoire (en commun)
  • Fumeur

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Commentaires ?

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